The 11+ Holiday Learning Club is a unique holiday club preparing boys and girls intending to sit the 11+ examinations for success by ensuring weak areas are eliminated. Fun holiday activities also take place to stimulate learning.

We are extremely proud of our successes, with many past pupils now attending local grammar schools including Nonsuch High School for Girls, Wallington Girls, Wilsons School, Sutton Grammar and Wallington County Grammar School.

What We Do
Improve your test technique
11+ tutors deliver first class tuition
Competitive games to stretch the brain
Fun and games during break times
Improve your vocabulary daily


Holiday Learning Club
for boys and girls 
With only few months to go before the next round of 11+ examinations, the child who gets offered that coveted place in a grammar or selective private school, will be the one who excels in all or most areas of the examined subject. A small difference in scores of one or two marks could mean the difference between being offered a place or not. Many children pass, but only the very best get in.
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  1. I don't know how to say thanks, Michael got into Wilson's. Apart from the normal weekend classes which were great, the Holiday Learning Club was excellent in solidifying his knowledge. Thanks once more.
  2. Thanks, yes my daughter xxx passed and managed to get into Wallington Grammar school. Thank you for all your help.
  3. Just to let you know that Emmanuel got admission into Wallington Boys. We would like to thank you and your team for all the effort and hard work put into making it a success.
  4. My daughter completed 3 weeks at The Holiday Learning Club where the club content was so useful. She has now got a place at Wallington High School for Girls.