Hearty congratulations to all who attended the Holiday Learning Club last year and got into their first choice grammar or independent school! Some of you also got scholarships to private schools. Well done!

D:"Absolutely delighted 11+parents!

The children did very well.

Rachel passed Wallington and was offered an academic scholarship by Old Palace which we decided to accept.
Benjamin passed Wallington and Wilson's and having put Wallington as the first choice, he was offered a place there. The amazing thing was that on the day the offers went out Benjamin was also approached by Wilson's stating that even though he didn't select them as a first choice, they'll offer him an immediarte place if he changed his mind! He decided to stay with his first choice.

He was also offered a place at Whitgift, which we all loved but without a scholarship, we couldn't accept. Both children were also offered places at Caterham.

Overall, we are very proud and very pleased. I'm glad this stage is over though.
We didn't start " working" intensively until the summer at the Holiday Learning Club. So unlike many, the children didn't have to endure years of this pressure. I think as a result we have emerged from this process without any scars...

Do write back.
All the best

Our daughter xxx, received a place at Nonsuch which was her first choice so she is very happy.

I hope all your other pupils were successful as well. I would be interested to know as I know she made many good friends there and it would be good to know if any of them are going to Nonsuch too.

Thank you in your all your help.

Best regards

Thanks to my daughter, for attending the fantastically run Holiday Learning last summer, we are now celebrating the amazing news that she has won a place at her first choice grammar school. Attending the club, helped Grace to focus on the seriousness and hardwork of studying for the 11+ and yet also enabled her to make new friends in a fun environment.
As a parent I was reassured and encouraged by the amount of targeted and relevant homework Grace was given and the regular reports sent to me daily when attending the Holiday Learning Club. This also helped take the pressure off; knowing someone else was doing the necessary work with her.

KP, Sutton SM1
  1. "We are delighted to inform you that our daughter had obtained a much desired place at her first choice school WHSG (Wallington High School for Girls). Sandra and her team were fantastic during the 11+ journey, our daughter attented both the Holiday Learning Club in the summer prior to the exam as well as the Saturday sessions. The classes gave my daughter a real feel for the test papers and having like minded children around her really helped motivate her to try hard at each session. She also made a whole new set of friends. We would like to wish the 11+ Holiday Learning Club every success in the future and will certainly be introducing our second daughter to this system as soon as she is ready." Kind regards,
    Al, London
  2. You I don't know how to say thanks, Michael got into Wilson's. Apart from the normal weekend classes which were great, the Holiday Learning Club was excellent in solidifying his knowledge. Thanks once more.
    DO, Sutton SM1
  3. Hope you are OK and business is going well. Just to let you know that Emmanuel got admission into Wallington Boys. We would like to thank you and your team for all the effort and hard work put into making it a success.
    BO, Wallington SM6
  4. I believe, The Holiday Learning Club made the difference in my child gaining a grammar school place. After only a few days of attending, we noticed she became more focused, as she was in the company of other children also preparing for the 11+. The competitive atmosphere encouraged her to do her very best and most of all, she looked forward to attending the club everyday, as they had so much fun! A fantastic club which I'll wholeheartedly recommend to any 11+ parent. Sandra and her team are dedicated and extremely helpful.
    Jane, Sutton SM1 (Her daughter gained a place at Nonsuch High School for Girls.)
  5. We are pleased to announce that our son Haidar was successful in receiving a place at Wallington County Grammar School. Attending the Holiday Learning Club in the summer, really boosted his confidence in preparation for sitting all the exams. His weak and strong areas were identified and we were able to focus on those topics. The regular daily reports really gave me a clear idea of his progress. Haidar especially enjoyed all the recreational activities which didn't make it seem as though he was only doing work all day. Great job to all the staff at the club. Wishing you further success in the future.
  6. Just to let you know that Rachel was successful in getting into Wallington High School for Girls. We feel that having a structured programme of learning in the summer helped her understanding which areas she needed to focus on, and also gave her the opportunity to understand that she was among a group of many children her age that were working towards similar goals. Wishing you success with future programmes.
  7. We are very happy to share with you that Monika has been offered a place in Wallington High School for Girls, which we have with pleasure accepted, of course. The Holiday Learning Club was most surely very efficient and helped Monika to pass the 11+ test. I personally think that even if Monika would not have passed the test, The Holiday Learning Club was useful for her English and Maths skills, and was a great fun as well. Thank you for organizing it, and best of luck for the future. Best regards,
  8. Thank you for your email. Eden did indeed get into her first choice school. Her results were 96% on the Non Verbal Reasoning Test and 95% on the Verbal Reasoning. We found your Holiday Club and the online tests extremely valuable in preparing her. Thanks so much. Very best wishes,
  9. Thanks, yes my daughter xxx passed and managed to get into Wallington Grammar school Thank you for all your help.
    Dr N.E
  10. Lorna got very good scores for three tests she took. She got her first choice school at Nonsuch High School for Girls. Cheers
  11. Hi, thanks for asking. Our daughter got into Overton Grange which is fine as we live very close. She had quite wanted to go to Nonsuch but did not pass the exam (nor for Wallington) and so we knew long before March that she was not going to a Grammar school and were able to adjust our thinking accordingly. She is happy to be going to Overton, and we are both happy that she tried out for the other schools and being at the Holiday Learning Club really helped to boost her confidence in her academic ability. Thank you.
  12. We have decided she will be going to Christ Hospital boarding school. She did well, as all the three exams she sat for she passed all of them. Will pass on your congratulations to her. Thanks
  13. My daughter completed 3 weeks at The Holiday Learning Club where she learnt some really useful exam techniques. The content in the summer learning club was so useful she has now got a place at Wallington High School for Girls.
    Kelly B, Carshalton